Wyoming Ranch Sleigh Rides

Lunch Sleigh Rides

4 Hours

Looking for an authentic Wyoming ranch experience?  Get ready for a real winter adventure! This 4-hour sleigh ride experience plunges you into the heart of a working cattle ranch. Glide through snow-filled meadows, past towering mountains, and witness the daily rhythm of ranch life as you help feed the herds.

Unwind in our historic cowboy cabin, warmed by a crackling fire and the aroma of a hearty, home-cooked lunch fueled by ranch-raised beef. Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty and timeless spirit of the West – this is where memories are made.

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Half-Day Sleigh Rides

2.5 Hours

Short on time during your Jackson Hole winter vacation? Consider Little Jennie Ranch’s 2.5-hour sleigh ride experience.  Join our ranch hands in hitching up your team, then breathe in the crisp air as your sleigh glides through snow-carpeted meadows.

Arrive at our historic cowboy cabin, and get warm by a crackling fire and enjoy hot cocoa and a snack. Swap stories with your guide and fellow adventurers, soaking in the ranch’s authentic charm and rich Western lore. This is a perfect option to get a taste of ranch life at Little Jennie.

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Dinner Sleigh Rides

4 Hours

As alpenglow paints the Gros Ventre Mountains, our sleigh takes you through frosty meadows. Savor a warm fire, a home-cooked dinner, and laughter in our historic cowboy cabin. With the stars as your ceiling, gather around the crackling fire for cowboy tales spun under the open sky, or challenge your luck at cards just like the legends of old. Every night holds the promise of a new Wyoming story – come write yours.

For an intimate escape, book as a private sleigh ridge adventure for your family or group. Your personal sleigh ride and cowboy dinner await, framing a perfect evening of laughter, shared time with loved ones, and memories.

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A group of people snowmobiling near Jackson Hole in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Snowmobile & Sleigh Combination Rides

Full Day

Craving the ultimate ranch experience? This full day Wyoming winter adventure combines thrilling snowmobiling with a cozy sleigh ride and a hearty lunch.

Snowmobiling: Gear up for your snowmobile adventure, learning the ropes from our expert guides. Then, unleash your inner frontier spirit as you zoom through pristine meadows, leaving trails in the fresh powder.

Sleigh Ride: Then trade your snowmobile for a cozy sleigh. Settle in under warm blankets and let the gentle rhythm of hooves carry you through wintery landscapes. Arrive at our historic cowboy cabin, a rustic haven where time seems to stand still and enjoy a delicious cowboy lunch and warm drinks.

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The Full Experience

The Gros Ventre mountain covered in snow in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

The Views

The Gros Ventre wilderness in the Bridger-Teton National Forest is a beauty to behold. The breathtaking views seem endless in the winter, and the secluded area allows for excellent opportunities to view elusive wildlife. Ready to embark on this unforgettable adventure? Book your sleigh ride today and experience the wonder of winter in Wyoming firsthand!

A man wearing a fur vest cooking meat on an open grill in the winter.

The Food

Our lunch and dinner sleigh rides include a hearty meal next to an open fire. Enjoy a hot, home-cooked ranch feast nestled among the snow-covered pines and magnificent mountain views. The half-day trip includes a warm beverage and snack.

The camp at the Jack Creek Camp in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

The Camp

Allow us to show you around our Jack Creek Camp’s quiet, 120-plus-year-old historic Craig Cabin. Our base camp is a paradise amid the pines with fire pits, a lodge room, a sauna, eating spaces, and lots of space to spread out and explore the winter scenery and local wildlife.

The Team

Every sleigh ride includes two guides to ensure your safety and comfort. Safety is our highest priority, and our team of guides are medically certified, familiar with the area, and will make sure you feel safe at all times while you have a memorable experience. We’ll put your mind at ease while we glide through Bridger-Teton National Forest backcountry.

If you are joining us on our combination adventure, our professional guides are experts at teaching people of all skill levels how to snowmobile. Our trails are not difficult, but they offer enough challenges for all skill levels to enjoy the trip.

All the Gear You Need

People sitting on snowmobiles putting on their winter gear before a ride.

Gear Requirements

Gear you should plan to bring includes warm clothes, hat, scarf or neck warmer, sunglasses and/or goggles, sunscreen, and gloves. You should layer your clothing.  Do not forget your camera, but make sure it can travel safely.

Joining our combination sleigh ride & snowmobiling adventure? We provide all essential snowmobiling gear — suits, helmets, mittens, and boots — which makes it easy to join a Little Jennie Ranch snowmobile trip.


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A person in a blue coat standing next to a snowmobile in the Wyoming wilderness.

Sleigh Ride Trip Policies

* Trips require a 2 person minimum.
* We sometimes have to adjust the schedule for our animals and their feed needs since we are capturing some of the authentic work of the ranch.
* The sleigh ride is ideal for folks who feel stable on their feet and don’t suffer from vertigo or dizziness.
* For our combination trip, drivers must be 16 yrs. and have a valid driver’s license.
* Children 5 yrs.+ may ride with an adult on a snowmobile.
* Half-day trips are generally scheduled in the mornings. We try to be flexible if we can, but usually, the weather conditions and temperatures determine trail conditions and when it is best to leave.
*The snow conditions and depths can vary extremely in the mountains. The trails we can take and the length of our trips are influenced by the varying conditions. We guarantee that we will always provide beautiful scenery, pristine backcountry trails, and as much riding as the conditions and experience levels of our snowmobile riders allow.