Wyoming Hunting Outfitters

The Area

The Little Jennie Ranch is positioned to allow for the ultimate access for hunts.  The private land of the ranch also provides access to public land that is the envy of the area.

Most of our hunting occurs in the Bridger Teton National Forest, much of which is in the Wilderness Area, which requires the use of an outfitter by non-residents. By joining us on your hunt, we can show you our backyard where we work year-round guiding folks and watching the land and wildlife. We cover amazing country from pristine waterways and valleys to rugged draws and steep terrain in the Gros Ventre Mountains.

wyoming hunting - the camp

The Camp

Our Dell Creek camp is beautifully and strategically located at the base of the Gros Ventre Mountains, just around the “elbow” of the Jack Creek Camp. Here in this spectacular meadow, we set up a luxurious tent camp during the hunting season, complete with a kitchen, outhouse, and shower.

You will be surprised at how comfortable an experienced outfitter can make your stay!

The Guides

Most of our guides work with the Little Jennie Ranch year-round, which means we can provide perspective on the wildlife, land, and patterns from year-round knowledge. Furthermore, this is our backyard for all of our operations and we have a unique ability to get you to the right spots. Our guides have guiding experience from all over the country, but have a particular passion and love for Western Wyoming and can’t wait to help show you why we love to hunt here. We have both men and women guiding for us here at the Little Jennie, so we are positioned very well for taking your whole family out for an experience and hunt of a lifetime.

Animals We Hunt

wyoming hunting - elk

Bull and Cow Elk Hunts

Elk hunting in Western Wyoming is an iconic experience that every single member of our crew is experienced and passionate about. This 5 -10 day hunt offers a world-class opportunity to pursue some of the best elk and elk herds Western Wyoming has to offer, in some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Our remote camps are one of a kind, with peerless comfort and access to the best elk country around. This is a leave it all on the mountain style hunt where your guide and the terrain will push you to achieve an unforgettable backcountry hunting experience.

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Mule Deer Hunts

Our Mule Deer hunts offer an opportunity to harvest a buck of a lifetime. With some of the best genetics Wyoming has, these 5-7 day pre-scouted hunts will land you in some of the most beautiful and lush high-country mule deer habitats around. This hunt is geared to having a high percentage success rate and a leave it all on the mountain mindset to have an unforgettable experience and the possibility to harvest a high country buck of a lifetime.

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Antelope Hunts

Our antelope hunts can be exclusive or offered as a combo depending on seasons. These spot and stalk style hunts offer an opportunity to test your spotting and shooting skills as we glass over miles of rolling hills and landscapes with panoramic views of the Gross Ventre, Windriver, and Wyoming mountain ranges. This unmatched experience uses 4 wheel drive vehicles to access thousands of acres of premiere Western Wyoming’s antelope country. Ask us about adding this experience to an existing hunt, or exclusively spending several days in pursuit of a possible 80+ inch trophy of a lifetime.

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Spring and Fall Bear Hunts

We do offer limited Spring Bear hunt opportunities. This world-class hunt consists of spot and stalk as well as hunting established bait sites. With the use of our wilderness camp and access to the USFS through the Little Jennie Ranch, our hunt opportunities are unmatched.

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Bighorn Sheep Hunts

As what most hunters would consider the pinnacle of high country hunting, our bighorn sheep hunts aim to give you a once in a lifetime experience. A hunt that will test you both mentally and physically. Our remote camps offer premiere access to bighorn sheep country and a hunting experience that will last a lifetime. Our guides work together on these hunts to scout, locate, and set you up for the best opportunity, an unmatched experience, and success. Like our other hunting experiences, we leave it all on the mountain in pursuit of these iconic Rocky Mountain Rams.

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From our Hunters: Six Day Elk Hunt with Little Jennie Ranch

Just back from a six day archery elk hunt at the Little Jennie Ranch. Spectacular and rugged country.  Camp was rustic (meaning very authentic) but extremely comfortable – historic log cook house, wall tents with woodstoves, teepees. Eliminate LED headlamps and GPS trackers and the camp is as it was 100 years ago. Food was terrific and plentiful mostly from wood fires and cast iron Dutch ovens. Eat Wyoming beef!

Camp staff was exceptional from the cowboy and hunting wisdom of long time outfitter, Bill Web, to Nicole’s camp cookery and guides, Wes, Hannah and Justin. No three guides ever worked harder to put hunters on elk! Horses were mountain savvy and very manageable. We barely saw a single cloud in six days. Frosty nights and warm sunny days. A little too warm for elk, but no complaints. We all got into elk and had close encounters, but the rut had yet to kick in and we all worked very hard, mostly in the steepest, gnarliest and darkest timber to find them. No one punched a tag, but that’s not to say we didn’t pass on some younger bulls. Also saw a few dandies. We enjoyed casting some hoppers to cutthroats as well, finding some 16-18″ beauties in Dell Creek.

If you are fit and willing to cover a lot of country in the saddle and your hiking boots, you will have a grand time! Thanks, Faith Hamlin, for pulling it all together!